Bunny’s Got Books

So I’ve been back from my holiday in Manitoba for a few days and it’s time to share my lovely holiday purchases!

1. A used copy of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding by Julia Strachey!!!! I have been wanting to read this Persephone book for a while now and kept checking my library catalogue, hoping somehow they’d get their act together! But instead I found my own copy in a little secondhand bookstore in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba called Poor Michael’s (there’s a photo below of the cosy interior). You never know (and how important to scour every inch of the fiction section!)

2. The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith and Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding. I don’t think I’ve ever read any 18th century novels, but sometimes I get curious about the novels Jane Austen and co. must have read that inspired them to write. Plus Oliver Goldsmith was mentioned in the notes for Wives and Daughters as influencing various aspects of Elizabeth Gaskell’s writing and the opening sentences had the same homey feeling as hers.

3. Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. I’m wanting to read more Victorian novels and this was recommended by Nicola at Vintage Reads. I also read a play based on it for a theatre history paper on Victorian melodrama — most plays from the Victorians (besides Oscar Wilde) aren’t studied anymore for good reason (check out Wilkie Collins’ adaptation of his own novel The Woman in White if you don’t believe me), but they are good good fun to read!

4. Jean Santeuil by Marcel Proust. This is an early unfinished novel of Proust’s and of course, I couldn’t pass it up. He writes more about lilacs!

5. Finally, The Victorian House by Judith Flanders. We drove into Winnipeg one day on our holidays (just to go to a bigger bookstore there) but none of the books in fiction were impressing me too much, so I skipped on over to history. Most history books aren’t in bookstores very long, so getting what interests me when I can is the way to go. I bought a copy of The Victorians by A.N. Wilson years ago and afterwards often asked myself why I got that instead of something fun and easier to read, but now years later, I’m reading it and glad to have a copy.

6. The bunny. I accidentally left some things behind at my in-law’s cottage and needed something to cheer me up! (Interestingly, I seem to write about bunnies whenever I go on holidays!)

Of course, after bringing a whole bag of books with me and buying more on the way, I only read Wives and Daughters all week. It’s a lovely holiday book, engrossing, light, funny and touching. I’ll review it soon.

9 thoughts on “Bunny’s Got Books

  1. bookssnob says:

    Oooh lovely books! I am jealous of The Victorian House; I’ve wanted to read that for a long time. I’ve heard it’s excellent! I hope you enjoyed your few days away.

  2. Christina says:

    Good book choices! I just bought Cheerful Weather for the Wedding as well (I had an Amazon gift card), and I liked both The Vicar of Wakefield and Lady Audley’s Secret. The 18th century is a fascinating time, both for literature and history — I hope you enjoy exploring it a bit! 🙂

    • Carolyn says:

      I just picked it up off the shelf today, debating whether to spread out the Persephones I have, or whether to gobble them all up now! When I do read and review it, I’ll be sure to include a picture of the cover for you.

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