Just in front of the poetry section…

I’m going to cheat a bit and post a poem in the middle of the week (as well as on Sunday), just this once. (Although it may become a habit, who knows.) I may go back and finish The Brontes Went to Woolworths today instead of continuing with the rest of my Persephone books right away and I’m highly tempted to do a little 1930s book shopping today, so we’ll see what bookish adventures befall me but in the meantime…

I was remembering how my husband and I met while working together in an independent bookstore in Calgary (that has now sadly closed) and that reminded me of this poem. I highly recommend starting a romance in a bookshop, it’s the best place to meet the best people. The photo is from our recent trip to Key West, this is a lovely chaotic bookshop that’s been open there for 30 years and has an interesting combination of used and new books.

Before Sherratt & Hughes Became Waterstone’s | Sophie Hannah

Romantic entanglements often occur
In a pub or a railway station,
But being a writer I tend to prefer
A suitably bookish location.

I’ve never liked nightclubs, nor am I the sort
To go for a snog in the loos.
By far the most interesting place to cavort
Is the ground floor of Sherratt & Hughes.

I’ve seen a few customers looking dismayed,
Too British to voice their objection.
But how can I help it? I like to get laid
Just in front of the poetry section.

Most people prefer a luxurious setting –
A Mediterranean cruise,
But to my mind, the place most conducive to petting
Is the ground floor of Sherratt & Hughes.

All it takes is one glimpse of a gold-lettered spine
On those lovingly organised shelves
And a human encounter seems almost divine –
Not just sex, but a merging of selves.

I have never been someone who strictly adheres
To what’s proper – I do as I choose.
(I go down very well with the male cashiers
On the ground floor of Sherratt & Hughes.)

6 thoughts on “Just in front of the poetry section…

    • Carolyn says:

      I’ve heard of Wendy Cope but I don’t know if I’ve read any of her poems. I don’t usually read a lot of humourous poetry, but the sexy books vibe is just right.

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