Another Sunday Poem

I may make the Sunday poem thing a feature — I love reading beautiful short poems (and have tried more than once to keep a poetry blog), but usually don’t finish a whole book full of them, so I can’t (?) review the poems, book or author in the typical way. I could write about a few of my favourite poets though. I think poems stand best on their own anyways (although it’s good to learn how to read a poem), I found essays on poetry in university to be the most difficult to write. Anyway. I love nature poems, especially when seasonally appropriate:

I Think

I will write you a letter,
June day. Dear June Fifth,
you’re all in green, so
many kinds and all one
green, tree shadows on
grass blades and grass
blade shadows. The air
fills up with motor
mower sound. The cat
walks up the drive
a dead baby rabbit
in her maw. The sun
is hot, the breeze
is cool. And suddenly
in all the green
the lilacs bloom,
massive and exquisite
in color and shape
and scent. The roses
are more full of
buds than ever. No
flowers. But soon.
June day, you have
your own perfection:
so green to say
goodbye to. Green,
stick around
a while.

~ James Schuyler

My husband and I went to a few used bookstores today, so I could finally get rid of several bags of excess books! I also ended up getting some books (since that’s the whole point), including Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively, The War by Marguerite Duras, a memoir about living in Paris during WW2, Diary of an Ordinary Woman by Margaret Forster (I’ve kept a journal steadily for ten years now and am fascinated with other people’s diaries, even fictional ones as this is. This is also part of the allure of blogging…) and a Harry Potter. Obviously I’m too lazy to (change the camera battery and pose the books all on a table after I’ve already put them away on the bookshelf and) take a picture of them (and then upload it to the computer, after finding the proper camera to computer cord, etc etc Sunday is a time for naps and vague chats in the sun!)

I’ll be hopefully catching up on book reviews this week, right now I’m going to get back to that Sunday relaxing thing.

6 thoughts on “Another Sunday Poem

  1. Joan Hunter Dunn says:

    So much I want to comment on from this post. Do make Sunday poem a regular feature. Lovely poem – even more so as my Grandfather’s birthday was June 5th.
    Oooh you’re about to read MoonTiger – I loved MoonTiger and made me a huge fan of Penelope Lively. I also really enjoyed reading Diary of an Ordinary Woman. Happy Reading.

    • Carolyn says:

      I’m glad you liked both those books, I’ve been interested in Diary of an Ordinary Woman for years, but kept putting off getting it. And I’m so glad the poem was special for your grandfather’s birthday, I find it hard to read poetry endlessly, but do like it when one means something personal to me.

  2. Nymeth says:

    I hope you do make it a feature! Poems also work better for me in small doses, and blog posts are a wonderful way to find new poets I might want to read.

    I’m quite curious about Diary of an Ordinary Woman – I also find diaries, fictional or not, absolutely fascinating. And yes, that’s definitely part of the appeal of blogs for me.

    • Carolyn says:

      A feature it shall be. Diary of an Ordinary Woman is about a woman’s diary through the first half of the 20th century, the wars and in betweens. When I first saw it in a bookstore years ago, I bought a big history book about the Victorians instead, because of course that would be more useful…. (I have silly ideas about the useful sorts of books I ‘should’ buy! Not too many fun reads, mostly what’s challenging and informative. Then they guilt and bore me from the shelves…) I’ve never read much of it though and still had the other book I didn’t buy then on the brain.

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