Persephone Reading here we come!

I’ve decided to join in on the Persephone Reading Week last minute, after coming upon the website for Persephone Books yesterday (while bored at the library reference desk… it’s totally book and job related! You may think all those librarians are very studious at their computers, but likely they’re just reading Neil Gaiman’s blog. ;)) and absolutely loving their beautiful editions. And then I found my library carries a few of the new Persephone Classics! I quickly got myself down to the library this morning and carried off all the ones they have. The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett is likely what I’ll start with, since I love The Secret Garden.

For more on Persephone Reading Week, go here or here.

14 thoughts on “Persephone Reading here we come!

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      Thank you! I actually found a copy of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day in a bookstore today (also in the Classics edition) and felt so proud to buy it, along with two more of the Bloomsbury Group books. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the regular Persephones in Canadian bookstores, I’d snap them up if I could!

  1. Bina says:

    Those Persephone classics look great, hope you enjoy them! My library doesn´t carry them, but I´ll take a look at the reviews this week and see which one I can justify buying 🙂

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      I’m wanting to buy a lot of them too. (I see you’re from Germany, I guess it would be harder to find these in a library there!) I’ll have to see how I can order them, one by one for special events (and maybe through a bookstore) or all at once so shipping is less.

  2. Book Psmith says:

    Could your library talk to my library:) I would love to see them carry more Persephone titles…so far I have only found two there and one I had already read. Happy reading!

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      Maybe you can besiege them with requests to buy more? I have found my library has some of their books in other editions, like The Wise Virgins by Leonard Woolf and Katherine Mansfield’s Journals. It is something!

  3. Brittanie says:

    I have Mariana on my list to read this week too. Currently it is the only Persphone book I own. I want more but I have to budget because they are expensive. 🙂

  4. JoAnn says:

    How wonderful that your library owns so many Persephone titles! There is only one copy of Someone at a Distance (which I read last summer) in our entire system… you’re going to have a great week!

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      I don’t know who orders the books at our library, but I’m certainly very grateful! The books feel like they haven’t even been read at all yet and I half think they’re mine for good, I start imagining how nice they’ll look on my shelves before I remember I have to return them!

  5. Book Psmith says:

    Wanted to stop by and let you know you won the April giveaway for the You’ve Got Mail challenge. Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks:)

  6. Nymeth says:

    Well, one could argue that even reading Neil Gaiman’s blog IS job related 😉 Happy Persephone Reading Week! I love those Classics editions.

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      Oh, no argument there! But often the patrons in my library won’t even come right up to the desk to ask a question if we’re busy looking at our computers, when sometimes/often we’re simply doing book related fun reading (ie, finding lists of more books to read and if they are in the library). So we have to keep an eye out, but I wish people weren’t so hesitant to bother us!

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