Library pleasures

This morning I came into work at the library only to find the lights out… Turns out, because in Alberta you can still get snow in April (and even in May!), we had a power outage. So for the first hour when we’d normally be open, all of us who would normally be working at the reference and check out desks quietly went about tidying up the library, weeding out a few old books, straightening the shelves, pulling customer’s book (and dvd and cd) requests.

My own little section of the library that I try to keep in order is the 800-900s of the Dewey Decimal System, my favourite ~ Literature & History. Everything from books on writing, to collections of poetry, books about writers, literary theory and criticism… it’s wonderful. (Not to mention the History section, which includes travel books as well as histories by country, and oddly, baby name books.) I’m proud whenever I can lead a customer back there and find a biography of Queen Victoria or an easy to understand guide to Shakespeare.  It’s at the back of our library too, so whenever I want to feel calm, I go back there for a while, organize some books and look at the names of British authors. Today I untangled the Shakespeare section as the snow softly fell. I would love to quietly putter away in the stacks all day!

2 thoughts on “Library pleasures

  1. Amanda says:

    I did some volunteer shelving for my library awhile back and I have to say I hated doing the nonfiction section. Especially the ginormous 600s block! 😀 800s and 900s were better.

    I am so jealous of your snow.

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      Oh, the 600s section is so huge! And there’s never enough time to keep everything looking really nice. Although when I go into bookstores, I still find books out of place all the time and get caught up in reshelving them!

      Well the snow’s mostly gone now and spring has suddenly appeared.

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