Last day of Poetry Month

Before April ends, I’ll post a short poem.

April Light

Lined with light
the twigs are stubby arrows.
A gilded trunk writhes
upward from the roots,
from the pit of the black tentacles.

In the book of spring
a bare-limbed torso
is the first illustration.

Light teaches the tree
to beget leaves,
to embroider itself all over
with green reality,
until summer becomes
its steady portrait,
and birds bring their lifetime
to the boughs.

Then even the corpse
light copies from below
may shimmer, dreaming it feels
the cheeks of blossom.

~ May Swenson

I’m trying to do a bit more reading and a bit less blogging so I can actually have more book reviews here and fewer lists of books I mean to read! I do love a good book list, but that’s only the first stage of appreciating literature. Reading closely, analyzing the themes, savouring the language, coming to know the characters and following the story all the way through are the true pleasures, followed by reliving the whole experience when you come to write about it!

I’d like to blog something every day and try to keep up with comments, but I’m in with a good book now, so I’ll keep this brief.

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