You’ve Got Mail Around the World!

Now that I’ve gotten somewhat settled into book blogging, I’m looking forward to joining a few reading challenges…

First up, I was thrilled to see there’s a You’ve Got Mail themed challenge! This has got to be one of my favourite movies, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan battling it out in a Pride and Prejudice with bookstores romantic comedy. The challenge seems to be open to reading any book or author mentioned in the movie, obviously including Jane Austen. I’m in.

Next, I’ve seen various world reading challenges around, but the one that I’m going for is this:

It’s being hosted here and I’m signing up for the Curious Tourist level to read 18 books, all set in different countries. I’m so tired of reading mostly only British, American, Canadian and French literature, I’m sure this will be a lovely change of scene! I’ve already got a few books picked out and am eager to get going.

I’m sure I’ll add a few more challenges as I go, but this is a good start.

6 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail Around the World!

  1. atla says:

    I’m terrible with challenges, as I never know what I’ll want to read until it’s time to start the latest book.

    This challenge looks neat, though. Good luck!

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      Thanks! I’m usually like that, with very random reading and often a lot of contrast between each read. But I thought a few challenges might help me get to all the books I keep meaning to read (like the rest of Charlotte Bronte’s novels, eventually!) These challenges seem open ended enough for me though.

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      Come join! I’m excited to think of all the international literature I already own (plus the new stuff to explore) that I now have a reason to get reading. I’m also thinking it will be a good way to get out of my Anglo-centric point of view for a while, especially with everything that’s going on around the world now.

  2. Book Psmith says:

    Thank you for joining in the YGM challenge and I am so glad to get to know your blog. I hope book blogging will be as rewarding an experience for you as it has been for me. Although P&P was not one of my favorite reads, I also love how it is a constant presence throughout the movie…esp when Kathleen gets so passionate about Elizabeth. It is too cool that you and your husband met over books…a very good foundation:) If you get a chance, do stop by the challenge blog during the month and check out the monthly event.

    • afewofmyfavouritebooks says:

      I first saw You’ve Got Mail right after reading and watching P&P for the first time, so it was really cool to see them discussing it so intensely and echoing some of the themes of P&P with all of their feuding. I also bought myself the hardcover P&P that Kathleen reads from in the movie, with Colin Firth on the cover!

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